Is the 3ds cfw supporting new 2ds xl with 11.5 firmware, yes. Does the R4 card work on 2ds xl v11.5.0-38? Yes too. So which is bette for us to hack new 2ds xl console on 11.5 firmware, here you can know the answer.

What’s R4 card for NEW 2DS XL and what it can do?

If you wan to play the classical ds games on your new 2ds xl in one cheap card, that is R4 flashcard. You can do more on your new 2ds except for playing 3ds games. Just pay less than 20 dollars, you can have much more on your 2dsxl console. Well now through the use of Nintendo R4 3DS flash cards,you can do a lot more than you can imagine. SNES,NES,GBA and more on your new2ds handhelds. All of these games are free to enjoy.

Normally you can only use new 2ds device to enjoy games, but now you can enjoy a multimedia entertainment system where you can watch movies and listen to music, or even a handy gadget you can use to surf the Internet.You can even run homebrews, snes,nes emulators on your new 2ds. You just need a simple r4 3ds flashcart.

The r4 3ds card is very like a retail game card, so you can use it as a normal game card. Simpley insert it into 2ds xl console, than you can load a built-in r4 system. Why the cards are called r4 cards, because they all use the r4 wood kernel which is the built-in system of the card.The r4 card in fact has hacked the 3ds firmware, so the card has right to run the homebrew apps and ds game roms. All you need to do is simple copying the game rom to the micro sd card.. very easy. The micro SD card will serve as the storage space for all the files and applications that you will now be able to access. So you can drag ebooks, videos,mp3 and more to the micro sd card. The R4 3DS Card support multi-rom that’s mean you can hold as many ds games in one micro sd card as possible.

What’s CFW for NEW 2DS XL and which are they?

3DS Custom Firmware, which means a customization of the stock 3ds’s firmware. Because of bootloader checks, these firmwares can’t be installed directly onto the 3ds, and need loaders to modify the firmware in memory. It is the thing that is actually ‘hacking’ a 3DS. It modifies the firmware data, accesses and copies the NAND and can mess up, though usually due to user’s own fault (installation is usually safe). You need this to install homebrew (or game dumps unrestricted piracy) directly on your home menu. Currently, CFW can be easily set up on any console that is on 11.5.0 or lower and it has poweful&multiple functions. They are the 2 most reasons for popularity of 3ds cfw.

  • Play all game cards and eShop games, regardless of region
  • Customize your HOME Menu with user-created themes, badges, and splash screens
  • Use “ROM hacks” for games that you own
  • Take gameplay and application screenshots
  • Backup, edit, and restore saves for many games
  • Play games for older systems with various emulators, using RetroArch or other standalone emulators. (Works best with a New Nintendo 3DS)
  • Install homebrew titles to your system, and have them appear on your HOME Menu
  • Dump your game cards to a format you can install, and play them without needing the card
  • New 3DS or New 2DS only: stream live gameplay to your PC wirelessly with NTR CFW
  • Run many old Nintendo DS flash carts that were blocked long ago or never worked on Nintendo 3DS
  • Safely update to the latest system version without fear of losing access to homebrew

2017 3DS CFWs: One example is Luma3DS, the current most widely used CFW, which allows unsigned CIA (CTR Importable Archives) files to be installed on the Nintendo 3DS devices, provides region-free features, etc.. CFWs such as RxTools and Pasta have been considered obsolete by now. Other CFWs include Corbenik CFW (with a lot more control than Luma, but not meant for newbies), ReiNAND, on which Luma3DS (previously known as AuReiNAND) is based, Cakes CFW (which is the inspiration for Corbenik) and continue to offer support for EmuNAND/RedNAND, a CFW feature that boots the system from a partition of the SD card containing a copy of the 3DS’ NAND memory. These EmuNANDs can protect the 3DS system from bricking, as the usual system NAND is unaffected if the emuNAND is no longer functioning properly or is otherwise unusable.

Which is bette for hacking 2ds xl v11.5 to play free games?

That will be the cheap R4 card for new 2ds xl. The following are the reasons why you should choose R4 card not the cfw.

Comparison 3DS CFW R4 3DS
Compatibility Now it can work on v11.5, but you need either hardmod or a cfw installed 3ds console. V1.0 to V11.5.0 to V11.X.
Function Many but can’t play ds games Main support: 5500+DS Games

Others: like the above shown

Setup Many more steps than you install a simepl R4 card on New 2ds xl, the user guide is in this site 3ds guide site. Easy to use, download kernel, ds game roms, turn the 3ds/n3ds, that’s all
Ban or Brick You are under risk!



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