Manchester, England: Georgina Callander,18, had everything planned for an amazing day in Manchester, where she was about to go for a concert of her all-time favorite pop-artist Ariana Grande, with whom she had shared a candid moment on camera around two-years ago. However, things did not go down well as police were called to reports of a blast at 10.33pm, soon after Grande, the US singer, had completed her concert and a great many individuals were gushing out of Europe’s biggest indoor arena which can hold 21,000 individuals. Unfortunately, for Georgina it was perhaps the last memorable moment of her life as she became a victim to the horrific incident. Last night before the concert she tweeted: SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU TOMORROW to Ariana.


While, Sophie Tedd, 25, had set out from Darlington to go to the show with her companion Jessica Holmes. Toward the finish of the show, they heard a boisterous blast and at first pondered whether “a speaker had blown.” “At that point everybody began crying and shouting,” she said. “Everybody ran out. People were driving each other off the beaten path. It took several minutes to get out. The police were outside instructing us to continue fleeing, from Victoria Station.”

Such was the sight of the Europe’s arena in Manchester on 23 May, when a man detonated an “improvised explosive device” in the lobby of the Manchester Arena slaughtering 22 individuals and harming no less than 59 others. While investigating it was found that the man acted alone and had died in the explosion, however they are attempting to decide whether he was part of a more extensive system. There were reports the gadget utilized consisted of nuts, fasteners or nails as shrapnel. Police are regarding the impact as a militant episode and are working with counter-terrorism police and intelligence agencies.

Manchester Bombings
One of the injured victims of the concert at Manchester. (Photo: The Telegraph)

PM Theresa May affirmed police were regarding the episode as “a shocking terrorist assault.” There has not been an official response, regarding the attack, from any terrorist group yet supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) praised the bombing via the social network. England’s driving political parties said they would suspend campaigning for the June 8 elections keeping in mind the casualties in Monday’s assault. “I have talked with the prime minister, and we have concurred that all national campaigning in the general elections will be suspended until further notice,” said Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labor Party.

It is the most exceedingly terrible dread assault to hit Britain since the July 2005 suicide bomb assaults in local London in which 52 individuals were killed and came four years to the day Lee Rigby was killed by Islamist radicals.

A vast cordon stays set up around the field and adjacent Manchester Victoria Station, which was emptied amid the occurrence and stays shut, while forensic specialists accumulate evidence. Police have advanced for show goers and observers to give police film from the scene on the off chance that can assist the attack investigation.

People helping out victims from the arena.(Photo: The Telegraph)

While more than 240 calls were made to the emergency administrations, with 60 ambulances flooding the range and more than 400 cops sent for the purpose disaster management, the obliging locals had opened up their homes and offered assistance to show goers influenced utilizing the hashtag #RoomForManchester. The city’s mayor, Andy Burnham, tweeted: “In the event that you are stranded in the region you can… take after #RoomForManchester where lodgings and nearby individuals of our incredible city are putting forth refuge.” There are additional reports that a lodging close to the setting had taken in many kids to protect them. Cab drivers have been putting forth people free rides home, and volunteers are as of now organizing to give blood at banks later today to help those harmed.

Show-goers being evacuated from the explosion site.(Photo: The Telegraph)

Amidst the whole incident, the pop-star, Grande was safely removed from the arena, later on condemned the attack by saying that she was saddened and completely out of words regarding the mishap.

While other stars from the Hollywood fraternity also voiced they reactions over the incident and passed they condolences to family and friends of the victims at the show.

While prayers are being offered by people from around the world, such terrorist activities are making it impossible for people to step-out of their houses. Organizing shows and concerts have become a threat since these have now become a common spot for suicide bombers and terrorists for violence and terror. We know exactly what is about to happen after these incidents, probably people around the world will gather for a candle-march or a gathering to mourn for the victims, netizens will make several #hastags to condemn the attacks, Twitter, facebook and other social media platforms will be filled with condolence messages, But we really need to ask ourselves is this enough? Will any of these things solve the problem which actually lies at hand now. Merely, cancelling elections or holding meetings is and will never solve these issues. It is high-time for us to step-up against all these terrorist organizations make stricter laws. Men, women, children all are same in the eyes of these terrorist, then why do we have to differ? If we do not revolt now, I fear that, Armageddon is not far.

Note: Heartfelt condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the victims of the Manchester attack from our team. We hope that by sharing some of our ideals the governments take strict action against the assaulters and make this world a better place. May the souls of the victims rest in peace.   Article by : Bernadine Soman 

Source: The Telegraph

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